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As I am trying to reignite the flame with my blog, I figured a good place to start was with a brand new manifesto. I always felt like this space was kind of ambiguous. Some days I want to gab about design, other days I'm in the mood for music, and then there are those days where I type up a whole rant about a random subject that in the end never makes the cut. A lot of people out there tell you to find your "niche" or "tribe" or whatever you want to call it, but I never felt like I had a specific target audience or category I wanted to blog on. And you know what? I think that's totally ok. In fact, some of my favorite blogs cover a variety of subjects and speak to a range of ages.

BUT just to be clear with who ever stumbles across this page, I wanted to make it known that I intend to focus on life, design, and style with a few bits and pieces sprinkled in.

Hopefully, this manifesto which has worked its way into my updated about page will be a gentle reminder of why I have a blog and also act as a guide for what sort of direction I want to steer it in.



Happy belated Halloween! Hope your weekend was filled with candy, costumes, and spooky festivities! As most of these playlists go around here, this is the music that I've had on rotate for the past month.

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READ / You learn something new everyday.
LOOK / Sometimes building construction is insanely cool.
LISTEN / A song to RUN to.
WATCH / Marcel is back!



Sometimes it's best to stop thinking and just start doing. This is probably my fifth attempt at writing a blog post before I finally just decided to say f!#% it, Imma just blog it. I'm not sure what it is, but despite thinking about blogging everyday for the past couple of weeks, I haven't been confident enough to just push the dang publish button until now. This post may be a little meaningless but hey, at least its here now.

P.S. I'm working on getting a concrete blogging schedule up and running! So hopefully we will be seeing each other a lot more frequently..



I love me some color and some eyedropper tool so I thought I'd start a new feature. I know I haven't really kept up with blogging much lately, so hopefully this will get me back in the game. Swatches will be an effortless weekly installment where I can throw up some color combos and call it a day. Hope you enjoy the hex codes as much as I do!

This week's swatches come from Lotta Nieminen, an illustrator, graphic designer and art director originally from Helsinki, Finland. She now runs a New-York based studio and produces some pretty incredible and beautiful work. I highly recommend checking out her site and also her interview on The Great Discontent, if you're a design nerd like me.