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I am a creature of habit. I press the snooze button one too many times. I listen to and/or belt out Sam Smith in the shower. I crave some form of coffee at the start of my day. I over think writing emails and cringe when I have to make a phone call. I wait till the last possible minute to really start being productive. And I start personal projects with what feels like passion and excitement only to neglect them a week later and leave them to gather dust. (*cough* ze blog *cough*)

I thought about writing a formal apology for not keeping up with Tea Marie (again....) and for definitely not participating in my own blogmas initiative, but I know that the only person I've really let down is myself and I refuse to feel guilty for neglecting this space. Since I've been gone, I've been swept up in working towards my architecture studio review, final exams, packing up and moving across country, AND gearing up for a whole year of study abroad. (YASSS! More on that later.) My absence hasn't been for nothing, its been for living, and for that I am not sorry.

With that said, I have a whole month to settle in at home and play catch up with things like updating my resume, networking, job hunting, my shows (Grey's Anatomy, anyone??) and of course this blog. This time I know better not to make any promises that I'll be posting everyday. But I will say this.

See you soon! ;)



Wow. Day one of blogmas and I'm already late to post! I probably should have taken into consideration that I have finals during the next couple of weeks, so not a lot of free time on my hands. But I'm going to do my best to stay on top of things anyhow.
Believe it or not this is actually my Christmas list. Only four things. Considering that my next two semesters in college will be spent abroad, I really am not in the position to be asking for much with the added expenses in my near future. Sooo I've narrowed it down to these guys. A couple things I want and a couple of things I need. 

1 / a fresh notebook for abroad sketching adventures
2 / a wallet to carry my passport and other travel documents
3 / comfy walking shoes
4 / the most beautiful magazine



Merry Christmas everyone! I hate to be that person who starts ringing in the holiday season when its still November...But hey. Its after Thanksgiving. Its fair game.

With that being said, I only have a quick announcement to make in this post. I'm going to be blogging everyday until Christmas! I feel like I've been trying to get back into the blog groove for so long but have been putting it off. So why not end the year with a bang and crank out some content, eh?

I hope you all stay tuned for some stuff that has been in the works for the past couple of weeks, including some holiday themed posts and some more regular installments. AND if you want to join in with your own blogmas, I have a little freebie printout to help you plan your posts and jot down any notes for the next 25 days! Download here.

See you real soon. ;)



This year marks the second time that I've spent Thanksgiving away from home and not with my family. I won't sugar coat it. It sucks. But it also helps me remember how lucky I am to have so many other things to be thankful for, like friends, good health, and pie. Definitely pie. 

If you're celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope it was delish and spent with good company! And good luck to all my Black Friday fanatics. I will be with you in spirit as I swim through piles of sweaters at Target. 40% off ya'll. It certainly can't be beat. 



As I am trying to reignite the flame with my blog, I figured a good place to start was with a brand new manifesto. I always felt like this space was kind of ambiguous. Some days I want to gab about design, other days I'm in the mood for music, and then there are those days where I type up a whole rant about a random subject that in the end never makes the cut. A lot of people out there tell you to find your "niche" or "tribe" or whatever you want to call it, but I never felt like I had a specific target audience or category I wanted to blog on. And you know what? I think that's totally ok. In fact, some of my favorite blogs cover a variety of subjects and speak to a range of ages.

BUT just to be clear with who ever stumbles across this page, I wanted to make it known that I intend to focus on life, design, and style with a few bits and pieces sprinkled in.

Hopefully, this manifesto which has worked its way into my updated about page will be a gentle reminder of why I have a blog and also act as a guide for what sort of direction I want to steer it in.