A Playlist From July

I saw this video and wondered why I never even thought to pronounce July like Julie. English is weird.

Happy end of July! (You can guess how I intended on that to be read.)
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Black And Gold | What I Haven't Worn

These are a few of my favorite things..that unfortunately don't get the love they deserve.

Bag: h&m
Elephant Earrings: Forever 21
Watch: Vintage Seiko c/o my mom ;)

P.S. Katy Perry does a mean cover of Black and Gold. Go listen to it. Now.


While at the Beach

1. Soak up the sun. (Tell everyone.)
2. Jump in the waves.
3. Sink feet in sand.
4. Read a book.
5. Work on tan.
6. Reapply, reapply, reapply sunscreen.
7. Admire the lifeguard.
8. Collect treasure.
9. Watch the sunset.
10. Repeat.

Pretty sure that's how the next week is going to go down. I'm headed off to the beach for some quality time with the fam. Where we're going also happens to be the shark capital of the world. So perhaps I'll be spending some quality time with them too.



A while ago I joined a class on Skillshare for hand lettering taught by Erik Marinovich. The project actually called for hand lettering an address on an envelope but I went little outside the box and did a quote instead. After lots of practice with the standard strokes that make up letterforms, I went straight into sketching the words spoken by Mr. Theodore Twombly in the movie Her. (One of my favorite recent films.) It took me a while before I finally decided to move onto the final draft and before I realized that I used the wrong spelling of your. (Its "You're" !!!) Thankfully, there was enough space left behind the "m" in my, so I could squeeze in that extra "e" and throw in an apostrophe before anyone could notice. You can see the final version corrected and polished, but not quite perfect, on instagram.


Chopped Dreams

Back in March I gave my hair a good chop. I had already cut it significantly shorter several months before,
but I wanted to go for more of a bob than a mid-length cut the second time around. Now its July and I'm way overdue for a trim and desperately need to tame the mane. This longer in front, shorter in back situation doesn't look so clean cut anymore, since its gone floppy and overgrown. Unfortunately I will have to ride out the storm for another few weeks. I figure waiting for a haircut right before school starts would be a more rational thing to do. Back to school, back to normal. Until then, I'll be dreaming of the perfect cut. 




READ / You're not a haphazard has-been.
LOOK / Typing in air.
LISTEN / Almost forgot they released a new single!
WATCH / See the world in shapes.

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Accidental Color Palettes from Tumblr

Tumblr is one of my favorite places on the internet. I've been tumbling strong since 2010 and only recently installed a new theme which had me reexamining all of the images I've been collecting. It didn't take long before I noticed a common thread between them. Color! Even though the subject matter may vary entirely there is usually a trend between certain chunks of my page that tend to compliment each other nicely. These are just a few palettes that I found and named according to their origin.



See that red sweater thing? Its a hybrid. Not the eco-friendly, save the earth kind of deal, but a cross between a cardigan and a kimono. I found it in a thrift store a couple weeks ago and am still debating as to whether or not it was a plausible purchase. A kimono has been on my wishlist for a while now but I'm not too sure I'm cool enough to rock that look. Sweaters on the other hand...oh yes, I can definitely work with those. Plus, there's just something about this one that screams grandma chic. Like my Nana hit me up with her latest knitting creation, and here I am sporting a personally tailored piece from this fall's upcoming collection.

*Note: I never have and never will refer to my grandma as Nana. It just seemed fitting at the time. Has more of a designer ring to it.

Sweater Kimono: thrifted
Tshirt: Forever 21
Shorts: gift from a friend
Shoes: TJ Maxx



1 / The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver
  • From what I can recall, this book is actually very good. In fact, of all the titles listed here, I'm greatly considering rereading this one. When I was in high school it was assigned reading, however I never made it all the way to the end before we had to discuss it and then take a test. I was disappointed because the rest of it was spoiled for me, so I just never got around to finishing it. . 
2 / The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer
  • This is my most recent book purchase. I picked it up on a whim, right before leaving school, because I figured it would be a nice read on the flight home. Naturally, I ended up sleeping on the plane instead. I have managed to get through the beginning but nothing really interesting has happened yet. Hahaha. Ha. Oh the irony. 
3 / Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
  • I don't think I ever really planned on reading this. I know that this book is a favorite for some, but I honestly can't imagine being able to get through it all considering its a whopping chunk of a book. I was supposed to read it during my senior year, but because it was one of the books I didn't actually have to annotate, I didn't even bother opening it up. I think I read the first chapter, maybe. 
4 / The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
  • Once again, a book I had to read for school. I guess when you throw the word "required" in front of reading it makes me reluctant to actually do it. The exception with this book is that I actually chose to make it required. We were told to pick out a biographical title and this one seemed appealing to me at the time. Its about a woman named Henrietta Lacks whose cells remained alive well after she died, which proved to be fairly interesting. But there was a lot of science talk and also some graphic scenes that I was not expecting. 



I like to joke that Disney World is my backyard. (In a way, it sort of is.) But this is a better picture of what my immediate outdoors looks like. As a part of my new years resolutions, I wanted to go outside more. It sounds like the simplest and stupidest thing. Literally all you gotta do is open the door and put one foot in front of the other. But sometimes I just get so caught up in work, school, ...tumblr, [insert excuse here], that I end up spending more time under florescent lights instead of the sun. It's kind of a shame that I've been missing out on my daily dose of vitamin D (especially since its summer!!), so this week I'm going to explore a bit around my neck of the woods. Hopefully, I shall return from my adventures as a beautifully bronzed goddess.

Don't worry, I won't get my hopes up that high. But I will make sure to report back in a week or so with my findings. Wish me luck.



READ / Is there a wrong way to use Instagram?
LOOK / Selfies that stick.
LISTEN / Really liking this band. 
WATCH / Putting it all together.

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Its Thursday ya'll. You know what that means. Well apparently it means I now get to say "ya'll" but it also means its time for a throwback. These pictures are from the second time I'd ever been to New York City, just a few weeks after my first. During this trip, I drove with one of my friends through Manhattan and straight to the beach? Yep, you heard that right. We stayed at this boutique motel at Rockaway Beach because we needed to visit the site of our latest design studio project, which was a metro stop in Broad Channel. It was actually a really cool place to be but Rockaway is so far away from the actual city. When we were there we spent basically half the time in either a car, train, bus, or taxi. It left me feeling upset and frustrated because we didn't actually get to do or see much. We tried to go to the Met but it was closing by the time arrived and the following day we only walked the high line and then through times square before having to leave the city by early afternoon.

Looking back now I wish I appreciated that trip for what it was instead of trying to make it into something it wasn't. For some reason, I had it in my head that it could be a grand tour when in reality it was just a weekend getaway with good friends in an even better place. Now doesn't that sound nice? Yea, I thought so too, but only after giving it a second glance. After all, you don't get many chances to see the sand and the city in the same day.



Does the internet ever make you feel dumb? I could tell you now the answer for me is 100% yes. I probably am exposed to hundreds, maybe even thousands, of bits of information via the internet everyday and yet I am still unable to fully comprehend or absorb anything from it. Its like coming home from school and when your Mom asks you the age old question "What did you learn today, honey?" I will nonchalantly reply with the usual "I don't know." Except this time, I really don't know.

The internet is not like opening up a book. When I open up a book I feel like I am feeding my brain vegetables. When I open my browser its like feeding my brain a brownie. With vanilla ice cream. And heck, why not throw some chocolate syrup on top just for kicks and laughs. What I'm trying to get at is that its easy to indulge yourself with mindless matter when exploring the world wide web. I'm not saying that you are stupid or that the internet is making you stupid. In fact, I'm not sure where I would be without a trusty google search. But sometimes I walk away from my laptop knowing that the only things I've learned in the hours that I've spent sitting there is that if I were a Haim sister I would most definitely be Este that this Friday is Cow Appreciation Day for Chick-fil-a, and that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is indeed still insanely attractive.

So in case you are in the same position that I am, and need to bulk up on your vegetables, here are four scoops of the internet that I think will curb your cravings.

1. 99% Invisible Podcast / I listened to this all day at work while I was shredding papers. I now probably know more about the theme song for House of Cards, cow tunnels, and high heels than a normal person should probably know. This is supposed to be a design focused podcast but the range of topics is so wide that there's sure to be something for everyone.

2. Design Matters with Debbie Millman / One of my all time favorites even though its basically the same premise every show, Debbie Millman sits down with a creative and interviews them. Simple as pie. But its pie that never tasted so good.

3. Brain Pickings / If you ever subscribe to a newsletter online, make it this one. I look forward to the days when Brain Pickings graces my inbox. Also, if you're looking for a good book recommendation this is the place to look.

4. The Do Lectures / Am I a nerd if I love watching lectures online? This series is particularly wonderful although I do find myself watching or listening to a good creative mornings chat every now and then too.

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Can you believe that its already July!? Time sure does fly when you're having fun or, in my case, being a complete bum. Good news is that this week I will actually have to force myself out of bed and take a break from Sex & the City because I got a temporary office job! I'm going to get to do exciting things like shred papers and answer phones. Don't get too jealous now.

But that's not the only new thing I've got going for me. I've ventured off into other endeavors like making sushi for the first time! We've had bamboo mats for rolling sushi for ages, so it was about time that we broke them in. Last week, my mom randomly announced that we were going to make our own spicy tuna rolls! And spicy it was, despite cutting back on the siracha. I think the recipe originally called for four tablespoons and we only put in two. We like to be polite and contain our fire breathing when possible.

Finally, I'm stuck with this pup for the next week. The parents are away for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic so that means lots of leftover fourth of July food for dinner and I gotta step up my game in the doggy department. He can actually be kind of a brat sometimes but I'll cut him a break since the fireworks (which are still happening!!) scare the poor thing to death. Plus, he's darn cute. Those puppy eyes win me over every time.

How's your life lately? Do anything fun for the fourth?



Being a from Florida, I've only ever lived in sandals. I always felt ridiculous buying any shape or form of boots because I knew that I would only get a couple days of wear out of them. But after trekking up north for school and finally experiencing a couple of white winters, my have the tables have turned. Now I feel ridiculous owning so many pairs of strappy shoes because I know that my window for wear has been drastically shortened.

Nevertheless, the months upon months of snow that I have ahead of me won't curb my sandal cravings. I still have to withstand the heat while I'm at home for the summer. So until I return...I got them summertime, summertime sandals. I got them summertime, summertime sandals. Whoa. Whooa oh oh. (If you weren't thinking about singing Lana after reading the title of this post, I don't know where your mind was at.)

1 / Delphine Wedge
2 / Clemente Sandal
3 / Thea Sandal in Nubuck
4 / Abramey Grey Leather Sandals


This is a compilation of things unseen. Blogging takes a lot of editing and for one reason or another, some things just don't make the final cut. Its not that these snippets were total failures, they just were things that I felt could be left behind in the grand scheme of Tea Marie. I wanted to showcase these guys because, if there's anything I've learned so far, its that the process is just as important as the final product. Some of these pictures are from posts that have already been published and some are just stuck in the drafts.

1 / The book of illustrations that I shared also had a spread with depictions of madness. It was a little disturbing/creepy.

2 / It only took one mock up of a post for me to realize that there is a reason I take pictures of my outfits and not me wearing them. #awkwardmodel

3 / A closeup that I just didn't want to include. Sometimes you take too many photos.

4 / I actually might work on this post. Its about why I'm planning on getting a bachelor's degree in architecture even though I don't want to be an architect. Maybe.

5 / From the day I played with watercolor. I opted for the other photo instead.

6 / Remember when I showed you how to make a poor man's iced latte? Well I actually captured it all on video. But I'm pretty sure you know how to pour things into a cup. At least I hope so.

7 / When I made my semi-DIY phone case I took this picture. In the end it was the only picture I took. I got carried away with trying to be clever and artsy and never ended up with enough for a full post.

8 / Yea...about that. I almost did a rant about shower curtains from Society 6.

9 / The only model that I've been able to save over the years. I do have a picture similar to this on Instagram. But this one was left ungrammed, poor guy.