Announcing Blogmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I hate to be that person who starts ringing in the holiday season when its still November...But hey. Its after Thanksgiving. Its fair game.

With that being said, I only have a quick announcement to make in this post. I'm going to be blogging everyday until Christmas! I feel like I've been trying to get back into the blog groove for so long but have been putting it off. So why not end the year with a bang and crank out some content, eh?

I hope you all stay tuned for some stuff that has been in the works for the past couple of weeks, including some holiday themed posts and some more regular installments.

See you real soon. ;)


Thank God Its Thursday

This year marks the second time that I've spent Thanksgiving away from home and not with my family. I won't sugar coat it. It sucks. But it also helps me remember how lucky I am to have so many other things to be thankful for, like friends, good health, and pie. Definitely pie. 

If you're celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope it was delish and spent with good company! And good luck to all my Black Friday fanatics. I will be with you in spirit as I swim through piles of sweaters at Target. 40% off ya'll. It certainly can't be beat. 


A Playlist From October

Happy belated Halloween! Hope your weekend was filled with candy, costumes, and spooky festivities! As most of these playlists go around here, this is the music that I've had on rotate for the past month.

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