Playing Catch Up

I am a creature of habit. I press the snooze button one too many times. I listen to and/or belt out Sam Smith in the shower. I crave some form of coffee at the start of my day. I over think writing emails and cringe when I have to make a phone call. I wait till the last possible minute to really start being productive. And I start personal projects with what feels like passion and excitement only to neglect them a week later and leave them to gather dust. (*cough* ze blog *cough*)

I thought about writing a formal apology for not keeping up with Tea Marie (again....) and for definitely not participating in my own blogmas initiative, but I know that the only person I've really let down is myself and I refuse to feel guilty for neglecting this space. Since I've been gone, I've been swept up in working towards my architecture studio review, final exams, packing up and moving across country, AND gearing up for a whole year of study abroad. (YASSS! More on that later.) My absence hasn't been for nothing, its been for living, and for that I am not sorry.

With that said, I have a whole month to settle in at home and play catch up with things like updating my resume, networking, job hunting, my shows (Grey's Anatomy, anyone??) and of course this blog. This time I know better not to make any promises that I'll be posting everyday. But I will say this.

See you soon! ;)

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