Brave New Year | A Word to Define 2015

Happy new year, all! I've never really been one for resolutions, so I thought this year I'd shake it up, try something new and chime in with my own "word for the year".

Looking back on 2014, I spent a lot of my time feeling bogged down by one thing or another which led to losses both on personal and professional fronts. And ya know what? I'm done. I am determined to turn things around. And I'm ready to brave 2015.

1. to meet or face courageously
2. to defy; challenge; dare

With a lot of travel plans and new experiences in my future, brave was the first word to come to mind and the only one that seemed appropriate. I want to be able to tackle everything head on and without hesitation. As a generally introverted and sometimes shy person, I really need to break the mold and start being more confident and courageous in all I do.

So here's to making 2015 a brave one! How will you define the new year?

*Note: Of course, this song came to mind.. and a brief dance party may have interrupted the making of this post.

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