Here We Go Again | Blog Edits

Its been a looong time since I last took a dip in the coding realm, but I thought the new year called for a little bit of change around here! After switching between quite a few laptops during the past couple of months (long story for another time), I realized that the layout of ze blog wasn't adjusted correctly and the sizing was all over the place. I needed a little refresher in HTML and CSS before I could clean it up, but I think I'm pretty happy with the result! The general framework of the site is in place. But of course, I will probably be making small changes here and there in the future.

Overall, I really wanted to make it more minimal but with pops of texture or color. (Hellooo, little collage of pics from a secret and carefully curated pinterest board. As seen above.) Hopefully, now ze good ole blog is easier to navigate and read!

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